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Sicilian Biscuits

DESCRIPTION: the mythical hero Jason, before leaving in the ship with the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, he ordered the cook to bake the bread to take on a trip. However, the chef, during the last batch, slept like a rock; when he woke up, ran to the oven fearing he had burnt the bread, but instead found it only reduced the volume, flattened, dry and light. Jason wanted to upload also in the galley and was lucky, because one of the strange bread it was the only one that ammuffì, remaining good and crispy, very good, especially from pucciar in the wine. Thus, according to the legend, was born the ancestor of the biscuits, called by the latins, both Panis nauticus (the “wafer” of the sailors) is Biscoctus, meaning “twice cooked”. The ancient romans learned after baking of biscuits. Trade with the East enriched well soon cookies new flavors. In response to various foreign dominations in Sicily began to produce biscuits, which, of course, the sicilians are modified with their own recipes.


FEATURES: if you can find a lot of variety, pasta, whipped, pastry, pastry, chocolate or jam. Great to enjoy for a snack or with tea.

NAME: biscuits, from the etymology of the word: twice cooked ( and for some of them it is so), the time, the experience and imagination have made it possible to produce all kinds .

INGREDIENTS: shortcrust pastry: 00 flour, vegetable margarine and/or butter, sugar, egg yolks, eggs, natural vanilla flavour. Filling: past apricot, and creamy hazelnut. Coating: chocolate, icing sugar, tomato, apricot.

Biscuit California:flour 00, sugar, vegetable margarine or butter, eggs, egg yolks, aroma rum. Filling: past apricot. Covering: chocolate.

Biscuits pastry:vegetable margarine or butter, 00 flour, 0 flour, salt, icing sugar, granulated sugar.

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