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Lillo Vinci Pasticceria Siciliana


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DESCRIPTION: As with other sicilian recipes, this cake has its roots in the mists of time, the various dominations that have followed have left an indelible mark on the food culture of the place and definitely the Arabic has been among the most important under this point of view, considering that their kitchen was pretty strong and spicy, the macaroons they fit well in this context, the addition of almonds gives them a strong taste and the particular, making this product a real try. They differ from the amaretti biscuits to the fact that the latter is produced from the kernels and crispy while ours are made with almonds selected, and then much more soft and valuable because of a different processing.


FEATURES: from this fruit shell is so versatile in its transformation, in addition to the drinks and infusions, gradually passed to the processing for confectionary, where careful and creative pastry chefs by combining very simple ingredients such as egg white, sugar, have been able to achieve a sublime gift for the palate.

TITLE: Macaroons: sweet, typical of the sicilian, by the name that identifies it for their aroma, which gives a taste that tends towards the bitter, but still equally sweet in terms of the amount of sugar contained therein.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, almonds, egg whites, dextrose, flavouring of bitter almonds, natural vanilla flavour, sugar.

TIPS: the Product that you can enjoy well both after lunch and after dinner, as a delicacy; and, in the whole of the almond paste for ceremonies or celebrations of various kinds, and goes very well accompanied by a wine with almonds.

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