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Specialità Dolciarie Siciliane

Paste di Mandorla, Qauresimali, Pignolata, Cannoli, Cassata Siciliana

Panettone artigianale

Lillo Vinci Pasticceria Siciliana


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The Pastry shop and the Staff

As all the old craftsmen of the time, Lillo starts to make the pastry chef of 14 years, working in different bakeries of the city and in that of his brother Mimmo, where he attended the laboratory since the tender age of 6 years. In 1999, flanked by his wife Maria, and encounters the historic workshop on via Palermo, and extends it by purchasing the shop next door (this year with new rooms, more refined and comfortable). From the outset, dedicated to the production of panettone, colomba and easter eggs handmade by integrating the old production, even the ice cream the traditional and the modern, with different flavors of mignon and the granite with brioche sofficissime. Tradition and innovation in this laboratory go hand in hand and are two points of strength the indissoluble (using advanced equipment), in fact, in addition to the pastry classic: almond, pignolata and fresh pastries, you can taste the fabulous cakes the seven veils, bavarian savarin, cakes with berries, mousse of various flavours, frost, fruit, panna cotta and many other delicacies that modern times require. The love and passion for this noble art have pushed You to get to know the sicilian cuisine in all over the world.

Pasticceria Gelateria Lillo Vinci

Via Palermo 551 c/d

98152 Messina

Tel. 340.3448041

Tel. 090.360204

P. IVA 02159190830

C. F. VNCLTR68T01F158G


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