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Paste di Mandorla, Qauresimali, Pignolata, Cannoli, Cassata Siciliana

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Fior di Mandorla

Variant of Almond Paste

DESCRIPTION: The origins of the almond paste as well as nearly all sicilian art of confectionery is attributable to the clergy of the island and, in particular, nuns who were expert in the transformation of this raw material so rich in nutrients and healing properties. At the beginning with this generous product of the land is prepared in addition curative products to the skin ( especially for small children), even of extracts by drinking, which seems to be at the court of Frederick II of Swabia, already in the eleventh century this drink was very popular and in demand.


FEATURES: from this fruit shell is so versatile in its transformation, in addition to the drinks and infusions, gradually passed to the processing for confectionary, where careful and creative pastry chefs, combining very simple ingredients such as the abume egg, the honey, the sugar and the peel grated of lemon, they managed to get a sublime gift for the palate; in a variety of shapes and colours, using perfect decoration and other gifts of nature, such as: cherries apricots pistachios, oranges, and anything else according to the imagination of the pastry chef

DESIGNATION: variant of almond paste, in their processing, add the milk (unlike almond paste) to make them even more soft and delicate, and their decoration is simply the icing sugar.

INGREDIENTS: almonds, sugar, egg whites, honey, milk, powdered sugar, natural vanilla flavour, lemon aroma.

TIPS: the flower of the almond, offer moments of pleasure during the breaks for tea or occasions such as weddings, baptisms or ceremonies of inauguration, where these products are offered as dessert.

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