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DESCRIPTION: The fruit of Martorana is a typical sweet of the sicilian (especially in palermo), and is world famous because of his preparation and packaging, shall provide in form and appearance (at the end of the preparation process) the perfect imitation or reproduction of fruits and sometimes vegetables or fish. Internally it is similar to marzipan , but noticeably sweeter and more flavorful. The base of the recipe was only flour, almonds and sugar. It is a product included in the list of traditional Italian food products (P. A. T) of the Ministry of agriculture, Food and Forestry (Mipaaf) and it is recognized as a traditional food product sicily. It was traditionally prepared for the Feast of the Dead. Messina almost all the Pastry shops and produce this delicious sweet, much sought after and appreciated by tourists. It owes its name to the Church of Santa Maria dell'ammiraglio or Martorana, built in 1143 by George of Antioch, admiral of the Norman king Roger II, in the vicinity of the nearby benedictine monastery founded by the noblewoman Eloisa Martorana in 1194, ( from which it took its name) and that of Santa Caterina, in the center of Palermo, where the nuns prepared and sold until the mid-1900's. According to a well-known tradition, the fruit of Martorana was born because the nuns of the convent of the Martorana, to replace the fruits harvested from their garden, they created new ones with almonds and sugar, making a fine figure in the eyes of the king of that era, in that period he went to find.


FEATURES: The martorana fruit is a typical sweet of the sicilian is very important in the culinary tradition of the island , as it sinks its roots at the beginning of the second millennium, and faithfully reproduces the appearance of the fruit the true that make it a unique specialty to the world. From the transformation of the almonds, the skilled hands , the first of the sisters, and then of the artisan pastry-chefs, have been able to amaze and delight the generations of people who buy this sweet even to expose it as an ornament.

TITLE: sweet name that indicates the name of the place that gave it its origins ( the church of the Martorana), and the shapes that reproduce the real fruit

INGREDIENTS: Flour 00, Sugar, Almonds, Eggs, Lard, Cream, Honey, Milk, Water, baking soda , Ammonia, natural aroma vanilla, Aroma of orange.

TIPS: To enjoy the best of the lent, the tradition recommends that you accompany them, or maybe just intingerli, in a good fortified wine, sicilian Malvasia Passito di Pantelleria, or the Marsala.

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