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DESCRIPTION: Biscuits by the name the particular from its origins unequivocally in messina. Some sources give the authorship (as for the other delicacies confectionery) to a convent of the Vincentian sisters,”nzuddi” derives from a dialect of the sicilian diminutive of “Vincenzo”, the other master pastry-makers of the 1500s who invented this dessert in the form of sod, (which in the dialect of messina is translated as “ nzudda”) for the arrival of Don John of Austria son of Charles V°, in the port of Messina, he gathered the fleet for the battle of Lepanto against the Turkish army, these biscuits were given to the crews of the galleys, to the delight of the palate and as nutrient supply ,having regard to the invigorating properties of the almonds. Passed on from one generation became the cookie of excellence to the festivity of the Madonna of the Letter (the patron saint of the city), with the difference that for this anniversary, the outside of the biscuits was covered with candy and cinnamon.


FEATURES: these biscuits are very tasty and they were born at first with very simple ingredients, it is the excellence of the almonds and the orange peel, the dough was made with water and lard. Now in the opulence of modern times, the fresh eggs have taken the place of the water, the delicate margarine in the place of the lard, and instead of orange peel is used to put essential oil of orange.

NAME: the nzuddi, ( biscuits in the shape of clods) were created as a delight for the troops, the military of Don John of Austria, and over the centuries transformed first as a delicacy in the celebration of the 3rd of June to the Madonna of the Letter, (and even today for this anniversary, it is tradition for the brotherhoods that parade in the procession in the procession himself as a gift of a box of these cookies) and then as a biscuit daily.

INGREDIENTS: 00 Flour, Almonds, sugar, Margarine, Eggs, Water, Ammonia, natural aroma vanilla, Aroma OF orange.

TIPS: These cookies are great to dip in liqueur wines such as malvasia di Lipari, passito di Pantelleria or in Marsala.

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