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DESCRIPTION: The excellence of the raw materials that our Sicily offers us, has made it possible to offer delights to the palate, without an equal, and this is definitely one of those. The dating of pinolini, dates back to about the year 1329, when the wedding between Frederick II of Aragon and Eleanor Of Anjou, in the monastery of Santa Maria of the Valley, in the Messina (now called the Badiazza), the nuns (in addition to other delicacies) for the occasion they prepared these sweets, for which the raw material from those parts abounded: pine nuts ( considering that the said monastery is nestled in a pine forest, and very high). The skilled hands of the nuns, knew how to combine the almonds and the pine nuts, they were out of this goodness that we still have true moments of pleasure for the palate.


FEATURES: This sweet, in its structure is very similar to almond paste, but the addition of the pine nuts during the machining makes this product a concentrate of goodness and beauty, and its presentation to the pile of pine cones, from the sense and the scent of the forest.

NAME: Sweet characteristic of the sicilian, covered entirely by pine-nuts, prepared all year round and are sold individually or in a mixture of almond pastries and macaroons. From its connotation, it is evident that this product is a sweet and regal.

INGREDIENTS: sicilian Almonds, sugar, pine nuts, egg whites, honey, whole milk, natural Vanilla flavour.

TIPS: as with all products of the pastries, these cakes lend themselves well to be sampled for the various ceremonies and celebrations, in addition to delight of the palate any.

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