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Pistacchini alle Mandorle

DESCRIPTION: the pistacchino almond, is a variant of almond paste, with the addition of pasta to pistachio, that the pastry chefs worked out to create a new dessert, and to enrich even more the quality of this fabulous product, whose origins, as well as nearly all sicilian art of confectionery is attributable to the clergy of the island, and in particular, nuns who were expert in the transformation of the almonds. At the beginning with this generous product of the land is prepared in addition curative products to the skin, ( especially small children), even of extracts by drinking, which seems to be at the court of Frederick II of Swabia, already in the eleventh century, this drink was very popular and in demand.


FEATURES: this sweet, so harmonious in its taste, it is simply as typical specialities, a view of the origin of the raw materials with which it is produced, and its full-bodied flavour and elegance in the presentation, make it a product worthy of a vote from ten and praise.

NAME: Sweet characteristic of the sicilian, covered entirely by flakes of almond sliced, prepared all year round and are sold individually or in a mixture of almond pastries and macaroons. Its shape and the very thin layer of powdered sugar that covers them, makes the idea of processing is simple but elegant.

INGREDIENTS: almonds, sugar, egg whites, honey, pasta, pistachio, milk, powdered sugar, natural vanilla flavour.

TIPS: as with all products of the pastries, these cakes lend themselves well to be sampled for the various ceremonies and celebrations, in addition to delight, any.

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