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Lillo Vinci Pasticceria Siciliana


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DESCRIPTION: The arab culture has left in the sicilian gastronomic tradition, evident traces that still today distinguish many of the local recipes, flavors and scents, one of them surely is that of the lenten and the other is not, the revised and enhanced with piparelli , biscuits are very similar to the tuscan cantucci, but much more spicy and flavored, and according to the eastern tradition..

FEATURES: to distinguish these biscuits is definitely the use of raw materials with which are made: sicilian almonds, that have a full-bodied flavour, enveloping, (of course thanks to the organoleptic properties of which are compounds of the oils contained therein), the fruit of our land of volcanic origin, which makes the taste of the nuts, the honey of the zones of mount Etna, not too worked up that gives the products that contain the aroma and an unmistakable taste, the orange aroma, which affix as a signature unequivocal, and makes the idea of origin, that is, the land of citrus fruits “SICILY”. The more fragrance compared to piparelli is given by the abundance of fresh eggs and the fat, in this case, lard.


NAME: biscuits lenten, similar to the piparelli. They were born as dishes, votive offerings related to the Lent, so they draw very ancient origins, created by monks from sicily to make up for the fasting dictated by the prohibition to eat meat. The Piparelli should probably, its name to the last stage of cooking which used to be done inside of the wood-burning stove that seemed to be smoking just like pipe. In any case, the strong link with the sicilian culture, that of messina, in particular, has given to this great cookie is the inclusion in the national list of Traditional Food Products (PAT).

INGREDIENTS: Flour 00, Sugar, Almonds, Eggs, Lard, Cream, Honey, Milk, Water, baking soda , Ammonia, natural aroma vanilla, Aroma of orange.

TIPS: To enjoy the best of the lent, the tradition recommends that you accompany them, or maybe just intingerli, in a good fortified wine, sicilian Malvasia Passito di Pantelleria, or the Marsala.

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