vVinci Pasticceria Siciliana Messina

Premiata Pasticceria Lillo Vinci Messina/h2>

Specialità Dolciarie Siciliane

Paste di Mandorla, Qauresimali, Pignolata, Cannoli, Cassata Siciliana

Panettone artigianale

Lillo Vinci Pasticceria Siciliana


© 2015 by Pastry Lillo Vinci

How does the award-Winning Pastry Lillo Vinci

These were the years 70 and in Messina, in via Palermo 551/c was born, the renowned Pastry VINCI.

The father, Joseph, a passionate chef, roaster, and passed it on to their children the love for the transformation of foods, be they sweet and salty, to be enhanced by careful hands, and laborious.

In this small but hardworking art workshop, confectionery, you feel soon the need to make customers more numerous the excellence characteristic of the products WIN.

Lillo, the younger of the four brothers, expanded the historic workshop on via Palermo, where, since the age of six years, grew up among the mountains of whipped cream, almonds, chocolate, candied fruit, and a thousand other delights. Start here the production of panettone, colomba and easter eggs craft in addition to the traditional granita with croissants and other pastry products and ice-cream. The production of typical sweets of messina is daily: pignolata, or flower of the almond, ‘nzuddi, lenten, sweet pistachio, cannoli, cassata and many other specialities, daily prepared with care and skill.

The love for this noble art, has made possible the dream of Lillo to export some of the excellent products confectionery in messina, thanks to the dedication of the family VINCI is so well known and appreciated not only in the local context and the national, but also in the countries beyond the frontier, using the best techniques of packaging and shipping.

Lillo is proud to export the true taste of sicilian pastries are freshly baked and allow the tasting of these delicacies is also beyond the Straits.

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Lillo Vinci Sicilian Pastry

Via Palermo 551 c/d

98152 Messina

Tel. 340.3448041

Tel. 090.360204


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